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Shoe and boot Boot fetishism is a sexual fetish focused on boots. Boots have become the object of sexual attraction amounting to fetishism for some people and they have become a standard accessory in BDSM scenes where leather, latex and PVC boots are favoured

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Thread: Mistress - 1
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    Mistress - 1

    He was huddled in the corner of the room, naked, head towards the wall, crouched in a fetal position.only k2shareonly k2shareOnly the sound of the occasional car could be heard on the road as he sat, waiting for Mistress. She had given him strict instructions not to move, she had told him to stay where she had left him until her return.

    The male wasn’t brave enough or stupid enough to disobey her orders.only k2shareonly k2shareMistress was a superior female, beautiful and intelligent and he was just a mere male.only k2shareonly k2shareIf he were to move she would know.only k2shareonly k2shareIf he were to move she would punish him for disobeying her instructions.only k2shareonly k2shareSo despite the cold, despite the awkwardness of his position and despite his hunger and thirst he remained where he was.only k2shareonly k2shareIn the corner of a room, facing a wall.

    Time passed.only k2shareonly k2shareThe silence of the room and the world beyond was broken by the sound of her car pulling up.only k2shareonly k2shareHe pulled himself tighter into a ball and pushed his nose closer to the floor and wall.only k2shareonly k2shareHe heard the automated garage door open and close.only k2shareonly k2shareThen he heard a car door open and the sound of her high heels on the concrete of the garage.only k2shareonly k2share He felt an immense wave of relief that Mistress, a superior female, was about to grace him with her presence, but at the same time he was fearful, what had she in store for him?

    Her footsteps echoed on the wooden floors of her house.only k2shareonly k2shareThe door opened.only k2shareonly k2shareHe froze.only k2shareonly k2shareHe heard Mistress place her bag on a table and then her steps as she slowly walked towards him.

    “Well, bitch – have you moved?” She questioned him.

    He felt her rest one of her boots on his naked bottom.only k2shareonly k2shareHer high heel bit into his pink, fleshy and unfortunately for him he instinctively squirmed.

    “Fuck face, I asked you if you had moved, I didn’t tell you to move?only k2shareonly k2shareCan you understand English?only k2shareonly k2shareAre you thick as shit?”

    He was about to answer but the superior female began to grind her boot heel down his bottom.only k2shareonly k2shareHe yelped in pain and gritted his teeth.

    “It would seem;” began Mistress “That not only are you a moron, but you seem to think that you are a dog”.only k2shareonly k2shareThe moron didn’t see her smile as she spoke but he heard her giggle and he began to worry.

    “Turn around and greet me, shit face.”only k2shareonly k2shareShe commanded.

    Trying to ignore the pain from her boot heel and from maintaining his fetal position for such a prolonged period of time.only k2shareonly k2shareHe turned round and saw Mistress for the first time.

    She was wearing elegantly dressed in a pair of leather over the knee boots, skinny jeans and a dark well fitted top.only k2shareonly k2shareShe was incredibly pretty with long dark hair that seemed to tumble and move in the same way that hair on models in shampoo and hair care adverts on tv did.only k2shareonly k2shareIt struck him as it always did just lucky he was to be in the same room as her, because Mistress was just amazing.

    “For fuck’s sake, why are you staring at me like a fucking dog?” The Goddess asked.

    “Umm, err, umm..”only k2shareonly k2shareHe didn’t know what to say.

    The Goddess leant over and with her left hand cupped under his chin tightly squeezed both cheeks together.

    “Let me say hello then, shit for brains if you aren’t able to.”

    She pursed her lips together and spat in his face.only k2shareonly k2shareAs her spit dribbled down his face she spat again and again.

    “Now I’ve said hello, you need to show your gratitude and respect.”

    Mistress slapped the idiot creature around the side of his head and stepped back.only k2shareonly k2shareShe tilted her right boot back on her high heel and the moronic male knew what he was expected to do.only k2shareonly k2shareWith spit dripping down his face and chin he pushed his head towards her boot and began to lick the dirt off the sole.only k2shareonly k2shareShe watched him, licking her boot soles and pushing his tongue into the small grooves that could be found there. When Mistress deemed that the puny male had cleaned to her satisfaction she offered him her other boot.only k2shareonly k2shareShe looked down at him moving her foot as she saw fit, making it harder or easier for him to lick the dirt that was to be found there.

    The Goddess directed him, “Don’t fucking slobber, watch your disgusting mouth around my expensive boots. Now place your hands flat on the floor.’

    The wonderful Mistress stepped on his hands with her boots, digging her high heels into his fleshy hands and grinding her soles across his stupid fingers. The puny male cried in pain.

    ‘I... didn’t... tell... you... to... stop...’ She said as though he was an idiot. She was enjoying herself, he leant forward and tried to ignore the pain as he worshipped her boots.

    “Now follow me, I have a job for you to do.”only k2shareonly k2shareShe turned and walked out of the room.only k2shareonly k2shareThe idiot crawled after her on his hands and knees.only k2shareonly k2shareMen were weaker, stupid, feeble and consequently not allowed the privilege of walking, therefore he had to crawl.only k2shareonly k2share As he crawled after the Superior Female he could hear her laugh at him, but then he was just a man and as such felt a very tiny amount of pride that he could provide Mistress with such amusement.

    She was waiting for him in the cold garage.

    “Unload the shopping from the car, take it to the kitchen and carefully, do you hear me, carefully, put it all away.”

    The feeble fool crawled to the boot of the car and reached up for the boot release.only k2shareonly k2shareFear washed over him as seconds passed and he couldn’t find it.only k2shareonly k2shareHe was not allowed to stand, therefore on his hands and knees he struggled to see the release let alone reach it.only k2shareonly k2shareMistress was still in the garage, watching.

    “If I have to walk over there, you are going to be very fucking sorry.only k2shareonly k2shareFor the second time, - unload the shopping, take it to the kitchen and put it away.”

    His sweaty hands sided around on the cold metal surface of the car boot.

    “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…”only k2shareonly k2shareMistress started to countdown.


    His hand felt the boot release.


    It slipped and he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate.only k2shareonly k2shareHis feeble mind trying and failing to block out the inevitable countdown of Mistress.


    His hand touched the boot release and he tried to open it.


    The boot swung open with a resounding click and the moron, who had been holding his breath, sighed with relief.only k2shareonly k2shareHe reached in and pulled out several bags.only k2shareonly k2shareNot being able to walk meant that he had to carry the bags in his mouth, which meant it would take many trips from the garage to the kitchen to unload the shopping.

    The Superior Female enjoyed hindering the slave, standing in his way as he crawled along the corridor with a bag of shopping in his mouth.only k2shareonly k2shareShe made it impossible for him to pass by her so he had to wriggle like a worm under her and between her legs, and as he did so she would drench him in her spit.

    Sometimes she would wait for him to pass only to kick him solidly from behind and laugh as he collapsed in a heap on the floor or make him lie prone on the floor only to stand full weight on his back with her high heeled boots. It was extremely painful as the Superior Female drove her high heels into his back, legs and arms.

    The shopping would spill at times and while he crawled around trying his best to recover it Mistress sent some items rolling further with a tap of her feet. Her favorite though was to stand on his hands with her boots and urge him to hurry up and move knowing full well that he could not.only k2shareonly k2shareIt amused her greatly to see him squirm and wriggle, trying to fulfill her commands, yet not be able to move because her stiletto heels pinned him to the floor...

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    Eventually becoming bored the perfect Mistress retired to the lounge. As the moron finished putting the last item away Goddess called for him and he crawled to her in the lounge.

    ‘Footstool, now.’ She ordered. The idiot felt a wave of gratification as he was given the honour of being her footstool. He could feel the soft leather on his back as Mistress relaxed and enjoyed a meal. He was tired, hungry and thirsty. The bootslave tried to block this from his mind and focus on the privilege of being in useful for his Mistress.

    “Shit face, I’ve had my dinner but I think that it is time for your dinner.” She said later.

    She was holding a dinner plate in her hands.only k2shareonly k2shareShe smiled at him and began to scrape the meager left overs from her plate into a dogs bowl.

    “Since you act like a dog, you can eat like a dog”.

    He was loathe to eat from a dog bowl but he simply didn’t have any choice.only k2shareonly k2shareMistress was far more intelligent than him and anyway could easily overpower him should she wish to.only k2shareonly k2shareMistress was much, much stronger then him. He didn’t have a choice, the Superior Female had made it for him.

    He crawled over to the bowl , which was at Mistress‘s booted feet.only k2shareonly k2shareAs he bowed his head to eat from it, she gave it a gentle kick and the bowl moved out of his reach, sliding easily on the smooth floor.only k2shareonly k2shareAll he could hear was her laughter.

    “Come on dog, work for it, come and get your dinner”.only k2shareonly k2shareThe Goddess whistled as though she were communicating with an animal and beckoned the moron over.only k2shareonly k2shareHe crawled over to the bowl, but she did it again, and again and again.only k2shareonly k2shareFinally on the fifth attempt she refrained from kicking the dog bowl.only k2shareonly k2shareInstead as the slave began to eat her left overs she drove her foot into the back of his head, squashing his face in to the mixture of cold baked beans, half chewed jacket potato and runny bean juice.

    “Eat up, you loser.only k2shareonly k2shareGet your face in there.”

    He felt her hand grab the back of his head and pull him back out of the bowl.

    “How about a little desert?”only k2shareonly k2shareThe question was purely rhetorical.

    Mistress had a tub of yoghurt in her hand which she tipped over her slave’s head, she then proceeded to spit at his face and head.only k2shareonly k2shareHis face caked with food, dripping with yoghurt and spittle was then pushed back into the dog bowl.only k2shareonly k2shareShe replaced her leather boot onto the back of his head, applied pressure and her worthless male coughed and spluttered as food went up his nose.only k2shareonly k2shareShe lifted her cup of tea to her lips, took a sip, ignoring the moron’s moans and pleas.

    “Didn’t anyone teach you any manners? It’s fucking rude to talk with your mouth full.”

    The End.

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    Enjoyable story, apart from the fact it said K2Shareonly every other sentence :/

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